Creative thinking. Careful listening. Deep experience.


Your Strategic Thinking Partner

You’re faced with unprecedented speed and scale of change in your market. You see great opportunity, but new risks and uncertainties too. You may be thinking about changing your business processes such as moving to the ‘Cloud’, developing a new online product or service or shifting your business model to mobile and tablet to better serve your customers.

Getting your strategy right needs a blend of creative thinking, solid research and analysis and deep experience. Sometimes, it just needs an independent view to help you crystallise your thinking or to see things from another angle.

Laurence Kaye has been advising content owners, creators, media, technology and e-commerce companies since the emergence of the internet in the early 1990s. He’d be happy to put that experience to work for you.

Maximising Your Intellectual Property

Your business may directly generate income from intellectual property (IP), such as licensing income from software, patents, know-how, trade marks, data or media content. Or your IP may underpin different business models, such as subscription, advertising or other business models which depend on content to attract and keep your customers.

Even if that’s not the case, in today’s knowledge-based, networked and global economy, your IP assets play an increasingly vital role in your business. There can even be opportunities for you to create new ‘spin-off’ businesses from the IP you create.

Protecting, using and maximising the potential of your IP is a complex and challenging task. With internet know-how gained since the early 1990s, Laurence Kaye brings clarity, commercial insight and risk-based strategies for your IP that harness the power of the internet while navigating the challenges of diverse cross-border regulation.


Your Deal Negotiator

Your business depends on the quality of the deals it does. Whether it’s a licensing deal, joint venture, collaboration agreement, well managed contract negotiations are critical to the success of your deals and your ongoing business relationships. 

Laurence has worked on a huge variety of deals, covering the spectrum from IP, media and technology to e-commerce and commercial, for major PLCs on global deals as well as individual creators and innovators.

With vast experience in negotiating, writing and finalising intellectual property and other contracts and deals of every description, Laurence Kaye can provide you with invaluable support throughout the deal making process. This including ensuring your lawyers have a clear and comprehensive brief to help make the contract drafting stage swift and cost effective.

Your Policy Adviser

Laurence has advised numerous industry bodies on legal policy in the fields of intellectual property and e-commerce since the 1980’s. This has included working on proposed new legislation at a European and UK level.  Laurence is respected for the clarity and effectiveness of his work. 

He can put this experience of advising business leaders at your disposal, helping you to navigate the complexities and opportunities provided by the intersection of technology and content in today’s knowledge economy.